Belly Blessings

Belly Blessings are one of my favourite things to do with henna.

Henna was traditionally used to adorn mothers-to-be to help ward off evil and bring good luck and blessings. Henna was believed to encourage an easy birth and a healthy baby. Now, Belly Blessings are a popular way to celebrate a mother’s amazing body and all that it does, and to help her feel beautiful while she prepares for the transition into parenthood, whether it be her first child or second or third!  A Belly Blessing honours this time in her life.  For the mother, henna can help her feel beautiful and nurtured at a time when she needs it most. It gives her a moment to sit still and enjoy being taken care of – she gets to be the center of attention.

 belly glow

Belly blessings are unique and beautiful gifts for mothers-to-be. Designs can be customized to each mothers preferences.

Belly blessings are priced by design and start at $75. Or gather your friends for a belly blessing and henna party and get your belly blessing while your friends receive some henna designs as well. Belly blessing parties start at $150.


Henna has been deemed as safe for use by pregnant and nursing mothers.

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