photography sessions for private henna appointments are approximately an hour long and take place in the privacy of your own home – no need to travel or share studio space with anybody else! Photography services for group events depend on the type and timing of your event, please contact us for more details. Please allow a couple of weeks for editing, and then you will receive a DVD of your best shots.

Belly blessing photography

Henna accentuates your body and you become a beautiful work of art, but it is temporary. Many women like to have mementos of their belly blessings. I offer professional, private photography services to document your belly blessing and your pregnancy, so you will always have a photo of this time.

Henna photography for parties

henna is a great addition to any event, and can serve as a way to remember the fun you had. However, henna is temporary and lasts only 1-2 weeks. Photos can last forever. Use our photography services to document your event or celebration and create beautiful memories that can last for years and years.

Please contact us to learn more and to schedule appointments.

photography services offered in partnership with Frances Darwin Photography.


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