Celebrate Mothers

I think that it’s important to not only celebrate a pregnant woman, but a new mother as well. In this society, the pregnant belly is looked at as being beautiful, but as soon as the baby is born societies thoughts about her body changes, and so do hers. In this society, its all about the baby – mothers are often overlooked.

Many mothers feel guilty or angry about their changed body and feel the need to hide their bodies, sometimes even from their partners. Here is one way I have discovered to make this transition to loving your body again a little easier.

Henna is traditionally used on pregnant mothers, but I would like to start something groundbreaking and use henna to accentuate the parts of you that you are fighting with after you pregnancy.  Lets henna over your ‘problem’ areas to allow you to think of them in a new way. henna is also traditionally used in times of celebration. so celebrate your body and all it has done and will do for you and your family – be proud of your scars, stretches, and all your changes.

These sessions are very personal and individual, as when you are struggling with your body image chances are you don’t want to share just yet. But some mothers want to try a Celebration with some close friends and family around for support and nurturing. I can work within your parameters and create a individualized design just for you.


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