Services and Rates

Private Appointments
(birthdays, small parties, significant events, showers, etc.)


I Will come to you at your home, and bring all my supplies with me. I recommend doing henna in your home because henna takes time to dry, and if you were out and about you would have to deal with bags, keys, subways etc., all of which risk the smudging your design. By doing henna at home, we ensure that your design stays beautiful.

I charge $50 per hour. The most economical way to get henna is to organize a couple of friends together and split the costs. Have a little henna party at your home! It’s best to book at least two weeks ahead to avoid disappointment.

contact me with the details of your specific event for more information.

note: Travel fees may apply.

Parties, events or gatherings
(corporate events, fairs, shows, large parties or showers, etc.)


I charge $60 an hour for large events, and a minimum number of hours depending on how many people you expect to receive.  Once this is covered, your guests receive all the henna they want during that time for free.

 up to 19 people = $60 per hour at a minimum of 2 hours. ($120)
20+ = $60 per hour at a minimum of 3 hours. ($180)

note: Travel fees may apply.

Fundraisers for charitable causes


I have participated in fundraisers with great success in the past. If you are organizing a fundraiser for your cause, contact me for details. I ask that you pay for the cost of supplies and a travel fee, but the money made from henna designs goes to your cause.

I cannot take on many volunteer events in the course of a year, so if you are interested in having me at your event, please contact me early to see if there is a space.


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