Henna classes take place in your home or office space, in the privacy of your own space. I bring all the supplies to you, you don’t need to go anywhere!

Henna classes are perfect for:
-team building events
-henna nights

My classes can be adapted to fit your needs – looking for something specific, let me know and we will work out a plan for your needs. Looking for a class to fit inside a certain time window? Tell me about your parameters and we can work within them. need a class for a younger audience? my classes can be simplified or shortened  for younger children, or to fit within a school classroom time frame.

(are you a teacher or principal who is looking for a class to teach in a school setting? contact me, we can arrange something to work within your budget)

Henna, A History

henna has a long and beautiful history, heavily grounded in many different cultures, religions, and people. Henna used to be used medicinally many years before it was used as an art form or to beautify. Henna used to be part of a regular hygiene routine. Henna used to be used as a sunscreen on people and their animals. People have been using henna for thousands of years, and maybe not in the ways you’d have thought. In fact, using henna in the way we do today to beautify our skin is relatively recent in its history.

learn about what henna is, where it came from, where it can be found today, And what different groups of people used it for. makes a great team-building workshop, or a great addition to a school curriculum, or just gather a group of friends for a fun night of learning!

Cost: $35 per person.


henna 101 workshop

In this class you will actually get to make your own henna  – I will take you through the steps and the processes of mixing your own fresh, purely natural henna paste. We will learn about:

– the ingredients you need in henna, and the ingredients you don’t need in henna
– the chemistry of henna – how do you get a red dye out of a green powder?
– how to know good henna from adulterated henna
– how to know when your henna is ready to use
– what to do with your fresh henna
– how to store fresh henna and protect your henna stains from fading too early

You will get take home the cones of henna you made fresh that day,

This is a great class for a budding artist, an addition to a school curriculum, a team-building workshop, or just get a group of friends together for a night of henna and fun.

Cost: $50 per person, minimum 4 people, limit of 12 people.


henna techniques and symbolism

alright you’ve got your henna, now you are ready to start practicing! don’t know where to start? This class is a perfect accompaniment to the henna 101 workshop. in this class, you will learn:

– the common symbolism behind various henna motifs
– how to draw simple designs and practice the basic elements which are the building blocks of all henna designs
– how to build complex designs
– how to tell the difference between different styles of henna from different regions
-and start on the journey of creating your own designs and find your own unique style

cost: $50 per person, minimum 4 people, limit of 12 people.



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