Hello! My name is Kyla.

I attended an arts high school where I majored in visual arts. In my last year there, our teacher told us that we would need to stop using paint. So I switched to henna.

I was surprised at how easy henna came to me – I already had a background In the arts so I had the talents required to make a good artist. i already had the groundwork, essentially. I started off by doing henna for myself and my friends and family, building up lots of hours of practice on anyone who had some bare skin they were willing to donate to me and my henna cone.  I took a henna job at a theme park one summer, where I got to practice my skills all day long. Soon I started to get paid in tips, and realized that this was something I could turn into a real business.

I love henna because it can be anything you want it to be. It can be fun, beautiful, quirky or sensual. It can be private or a message to show off. it can have symbolic meanings, it can accent your body and your personality. or it can simply be a great evening with your friends. Whatever you chose to do with henna, know that you are continuing a tradition thousands of years old.

henna has long been thought of as having medicinal properties (some have been proven to be true) and also the powder to bring blessings to the wearer.

After my two daughters were born and we got out of the baby days, I picked up henna again as an outlet for my creativity. When it came time to set myself up as a professional, I searched for a name that I could work under that was meaningful for me and also spoke a little bit about what henna is about. After trying many names and not finding the right fit, I hit on the idea of using my daughters middle names, Saffron and Jade.



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